Zoeva Complete Eye Brush Set Review

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Hi everyone! This is gonna be my first post about makeup, and I hope I'm doing it right hehe. It's more or less like a review on Zoeva Complete Eye Brush Set (12 pcs). I watched Malaysia beauty vloggers videos but I couldn't find any videos that specifically talked about Zoeva brushes and I'm quite surprised because to tell you the truth, they are AMAZING! I feel like I have to initiate the review because as a makeup junkie, I myself have been searching for really good quality brushes that are avalaible in Malaysia but not many people talk about brushes :( Okay even though I spolied it but please keep on reading if you want to know more about the brushes :D

Zoeva brushes are available at Sephora Malaysia, they come individually and also in set. You can get them in physical stores but the choices are very limited as they only sell a few from the Zoeva brushes line. The set that I got is only available in Sephora online, so you gonna have to wait for the shipping (bummer if you don't like waiting).

I know recently Sephora had a Halloween Sale and some of Zoeva brushes were up for that sale. However, I didn't get to buy the brushes during the sale as they were sold out in a blink of an eye :( For those people who managed to buy it for 60% off during that sale, you guys are damn lucky weh. I bought this from a seller in Carousell who actually bought extra sets from Sephora previously, so it was a ready stock. No waiting=instant happiness hehe. Some people might doubt the authenticity of products when you buy online, but I bought based on reviews on their profile and once I received the brushes I checked them and compare with fake brushes online, and they're proven authentic. To avoid all those unnecessary checking, you can just go straight and purchase from Sephora hehe but it's just that i can't wait that I have to find ready stocks and luck was on my side during that time :D It retails for RM349.00 in Sephora, you can check them out here.

Okay let's jump into ze products! The set actually came with a dust bag but I don't insert the picture here. All the brushes were put in a black leather-like packaging. I think it's a mixture of leather and PVC so the brush bag is not entirely leather (you get me?). It feels sturdy and expensive, no joke. It has an embellishment of zoeva at the front and nice zipper as well! I appreciate that the zipper is working really well because some zippers just malfunction even before you get to use them. The inner part of the bag is magenta, which is lovely with COLOR.LOVE.MAKEUP, a Zoeva's trademark that's written at the side.

There are 12 pieces of comprehensive eye brushes in the set. Yes, basically if you have this set you won't need any other eye brushes cause they all have different purposes and can be multitasking at the same time. They all fit perfectly in the bag, easy to travel with! Okay now you see some of the bristles are white and some are black/brown. The white ones are called Luxe which are made from natural synthetic hair blend, in this case goat's hair mixed with synthetic hair. Those bristles without Luxe written on the handles are made from pure synthetic hair which is vegan-friendly. 

These are how I personally use the brushes : 

234 Luxe Smoky Shader 
Pat on colours all over the lid or inner part of the lid, quite big if you want to go for precise application in certain areas of the lid. Very similar to the famous MAC 239.

230 Luxe Pencil
Apply shadow along my lower lashline precisely and then smudge it out a bit. Also to apply highlight in inenr corner and browbone. 

227 Luxe Soft Definer
Blend colours into the crease as it can move sideways. Can be a bit precise if used on the thinner side and blend colours to most of the crease area when used on the flat part. Very similar to the famous MAC 217.

315 Fine Liner
Haven't used it as I'm not a gel liner type of person but I'm guessing it's for a precise application of liner cause it's sooo thin 

224 Luxe Defined Crease
To buff out the edge of the crease or apply some dark shadows on the outer corner of the eye

231 Luxe Petit Crease
To intensify the crease with other darker colours and blend precisely into the crease

317 Wing Liner
Apply that sharp gel liner that can cut a b*tch lol 

228 Crease
Blend and shade eyeshadow in the crease, it is fluffy so it's not as precise as 231

322 Brow Liner
Never used it yet but this is for your eyebrows to be on fleek with that pomade, powder or wax whatever you wanna use babeh 

237 Detail Shader
Loveeeee! Use it apart from 234 to pat shadows on smaller areas on the lid (my lid is small to begin with), if  you are doing halo eyes this is so great for that!

142 Concealer Buffer
Blend my cream eyeshadow base on my lid, it works really great!

226 Smudger
Smudge colours or smoke eyeliner along my lower lashline, very precise and works really well

Overall, I'm loving this set! 9/10! It's so worth the money. To be frank, at first I thought this is such an expensive set considering the price that's more than RM300. However, this is such a good investment because for you to properly apply your makeup, you need good brushes that can last you a long time. Let me do the math for you, 349 divided by 12, it costs only RM29 for one brush and gurl, that's cheap for such amazing quality brushes! If you're on a hunt for good quality brushes and don't want to spend a fortune, this set is for you, don't even hesitate I guarantee that you'll be fully satisfied with it. Save up a bit and you will thank yourself later for purchasing this set. 

Any questions feel free to ask in the comment section below, I don't bite :)


Hello from the other side

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

         Fire & Ice ~ "When you discover your Gift, you discover your destiny." ~ A book series by teen author Erin Forbes Find out more on

It's been sooooo long since I last typed something in my blog. I'm just liking my current blog template, so minimalist and clean. I love it! I guess as we grow older we tend to be more simplistic (bear in mind this is a 19-year-old speaking) :P

My previous blog was filled with only personal life experiences, that only a few could relate. I'm thinking to make it more approachable to others. And I share the same interest as other girls out there, MAKEUP!!! So, most probably I will be updating A LOT about makeup here, and a bit of life stories.

A lot of things have happened, whether I remember them or not. I didn't even allocate some time to reminisce those memories, I really should. If this blog tend to go back to the past stories, that's probably because I suddenly have the awareness to immortalise the moments in here hehe. It's unpredictable, I used to have the habit of sharing everything that had happened in my blog, but laziness got me at its best. And also time constrain. Whatever the excuse is, since I'm typing now I'm just gonna share some bits of stuff that just happened.

We had a maintenance guy in Irinah (my house in KTJ) every week, to repair whatever needed to be repaired - electricity, furniture and stuff. This one uncle helped to repair my study light, it couldn't be switched on for days, obviously it broke down. Our Irinah matron was also in the room with me so we talked and we were speaking in both English and Bahasa. And suddenly that uncle said how lucky the students here, being smart and rich. He said that he can't even speak in English and he felt down as he referred himself as not as bright and lucky as others. He quit school during standard 6 due to poverty so he can't get a decent job as others.

And then the matron said that this is only a matter of opportunity. If he was rich, he would have gotten the chance to continue studying and not working as a maintenance guy. That's when it striked me, we tend to look up to others and tend to forget the blessings that we have. In this case, it's me. I had forgotten how blessed I am, living in a peaceful country, having a comfortable shelter to live in, whenever I'm cold I have a thick blanket to warm me up, having enough food to consume everyday, having money to spend on stuff that I need and want and many more little things in life that I tend to overlook. I felt sad listening to the uncle's life stories and he said that as a father, he wanted the best for his chidlren. And it got me thinking, have I ever been the best daughter for my father?

As humans, it is our nature to compare. But we forget that Allah is the most just. We might have everything that other people want to have, but truthfully, we are never perfect. Let's just take a moment to ponder upon our blessings and be grateful for whatever we have.