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Thursday, August 16, 2012

hello dunia !!!

assalamualaikum, hye peeps...

im not a new blogger actually. yes, i'd been blogging for about two years before and i still keep my first blog. so, this is called 'pindah blog' for certain reasons. after this, i will use this blog for everything that i wanna share or tell. indeed i hope that this blog will stay... i'm tired of deleting blogs, hahaha. so, here we go. maybe i need to introduce myself here as i'm not a well-known people. ohgosh, it is true. and i wonder do you really wanna know about me? hihihi, whatever it is, i will try to build up this blog like i'd done before. i don't really know how to create good sentences so that you will enjoy reading my blog. i just hope that i can do that. 

perhaps in the next entry i will type about myself and about this blog too. for now, i have many ideas to type something that can be say interesting too. this is how it will turn when fingers dance. dance? can you imagine. oh, ok stop it. you have went so far from the reality rite now.. by the way, do enlighten me as like i'm a new blogger. woahaaa. can you? thanks, so much thanks <3 <3 <3 ... so, that's all for the first entry. gotta go. wait for my next entries yeahhh. k take care earthlings, bubyep! :D

wani k

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