Dream Room

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Assalamualaikum , hellow u olls ! 

I've been thinking too much bout my dream room this lately. My current bedroom is nice and simple and I'm kinda grateful to have it. Not to share with my sisters, hehehe. But, I was thinking if it's better to paint the walls with new colours. My bedroom colour is light green, very light green that you can just say it's white if you saw it from distance. And I don't like it. I like bright colour as it looks cheerful and funky. A good replacement for green as I'm not a green-lover -_-

It can be blue, purple or pink or three of them. Three colours in one room. Woah, it might be a bit confusing , you know.... Whatever it is, I want to paint my room another colour. I hope one day I can. I don't even tell my parents bout this yet, so, let's keep it as a secret yeah. Lol. They won't read my blog anyway. I'd also googled some bedroom design photos and they are all sooooooooooo beautiful and pretttyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! But I can't afford it, it must costs a lot. So sad.

Teen Girls Bedroom grey and blue

Kawaiiii ! Well, it's just a dream.

Ni Atiqah si budak comey suruh aku upload.
Nak tengok siling bilik aku yg ditampal ngn sticker glow-in-the-dark.
Muahaha, cam pa g. :P

p/s : I think I'm going to have a cold... Sore throat and flu have attack me. Pray for a better health T_T ... Take care. Bye ! ^^,

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