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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

lana just uploaded a music video for freak. well lana i would love to go to california with you lol. i think im in love with this lady. i mean, God i love her music, i feel that it's so close to my heart. and lana is the true queen, of her own empire that she built. you go lana, i love you!

i fell in love with her music since i first listened to blue jeans, which happened to be the soundtrack of the movie starred Dakota Fanning- Now Is Good. and i was like God, this is my jam! this is my music! and i can't stop listening to her ever since. sometimes the lyrics are confusing, i can say all the time, but i just love how she put the lyrics very deep and can only be understood at certain points. so mysterious huh? 

most of my friends said her music are kinda boring and make them wanna sleep hahaha i understand that, maybe because of her monotonous voice in most of her songs, but hey i like that. it's so cinematic and vintage-like, which defines my interest. people said she creates such sad musics, but that's what portrays her personality and identity. that's something she built and hold, and become one unique identity of hers. 

she's so pretty in her lustrous long hair and makeup, so classy ehmergerd! if i were to be freehair, i would want to look like lana lol. i would love to meet you one day, and shake your hands for real. 

this pic appears in the question in quizup btw lol

so vintage i like!

there you go, one post is done. basically i have nothing to talk so i suddenly think, why not i write about lana and yeah here it is. sad moment dearies, my iphone broke down and it turned out to be because of broken IC of backlight in the motherboard of my iphone. i need a hell lot of money to repair it but yeah better than to buy a new one because i still love my phone nooo way i would want to replace it. 

p/s: im listening to lana rn.


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